Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pile driving phase over (for good?) at 11 Avenue C

[Photo from yesterday]

After another month of noisy construction on Avenue C and East Houston, the pile driver departed the lot over the weekend.

EVG reader IzF, who lives nearby, shared the news. Now there's hope among neighbors that this is it for the pile driving. There was nearly a one-month reprieve from March 2 to March 29, when the foundation support work started up again, which IzF described this way: "It feels like my bed is being kicked hard by a giant. Horrible."

[Photo from yesterday]

As previously reported, a 10-floor building with 45 luxury rentals via BLDG Management will rise in this triangular lot. (This previous post has a summary of what's been happening here.)

... and from earlier this spring ... someone paid tribute to the NEKST tag (read more about Sean “NEKST” Griffin here) that was visible above the now-demolished gas station here...

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[Photo from September 2016]


Giovanni said...

Whoever left that tribute could have at least spelled his name correctly. It’s NEKST, formerly NEXT. But I guess it’s the thought that counts. Anyway, his graffiti name is the perfect response to the horrid parade of new towering buildings which will make up an impenetrable urban wallscape on the Houston Street Horridor: NEKST!

Gojira said...

Well they also spelled it "Gentritication" instead of "Gentrification", which reminds me of triticale, which reminds me of Star Trek's fine episode The Trouble with Tribbles, which reminds me of how I had a crush on Spock when I was a kid, and you see how my mind works?!?

RRReality1 said...

The landlord of 249 E. 2nd St. ( the building in the photo with the huge iron girders leaning against it ) said the pile driving is over. But he was wrong when he previously stated it would be on April 18 -that wasn't the case. He does however have some kind of agreement with Noble Construction Company, the builders doing the construction in the adjacent lot, as Noble's insurers were making payments to the landlord of 249 as a result of the damage the construction did to 249 now more than a year ago in March 2017. During the last two months the landlord of 249 was spending a lot of money rehabbing at least 7 of the apartments in 249, most likely with Nobel's insurance money. Nobel was also tasked to do significant structural repairs to 249, particularly to the roof of the building whose beams needed reinforcement, and to the front façade and east facing exterior wall. Numerous tenants were asked to do temporary relocations to allow work on their apartments. Some complied, others demanded compensations for relocating for up to 5 days. If you go by the site you may also notice across Ave C usually in the early mornings a city employed surveyor who is using equipment to measure any further shifts in 249's structure resulting from the ongoing construction. A tenant in 249 has asked District 2 Councilwoman Carlina Rivera's office to keep an eye on this situation as it goes forward. The actual construction of the new building in the adjacent lot hasn't even really begun yet. What the sheer weight of that structure will do to surrounding buildings will most likely cause further problems. Stay tuned.