Wednesday, October 3, 2018

787 Coffee now open on 7th Street

787 Coffee debuted yesterday at 131 E. Seventh St. near Avenue A.

Here's what to expect from their beans, via a preview at Bedford and Bowery:

787 grows, processes, and roasts their coffee, all on a chemical-free farm atop a mountain in Puerto Rico, with the goal of restoring the island’s coffee crop to the level of success it previously enjoyed.

787 previously had an outpost in the now-closed Market NYC on Houston at Mulberry. The Seventh Street cafe will now serve as 787's flagship location.

Read more about 787 here.

No. 131 was previously home to Shervin's Cafe for several years.

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787 Coffee for 7th Street


DrGecko said...

Funny how their cup and logo don't look anything like Starbucks'. Nope, not at all, at all.

afbp said...

i am ALWAYS (and i abhor 'absolutes')---puzzled by the negative comments when a new (non chain) business opens---do we want our empty storefronts occupied or are we going to 'find' some reason to
dislike/disparage/shame them---SOGOTP!!