Sunday, October 7, 2018

A look at 'Ribbons of Justice'

A new mural will be officially unveiled today at the 12C Outdoor Gallery on Avenue C and 12th Street. (195 Avenue C.)

Daphne Arthur and Robert Galinsky created the work, titled "Ribbons of Justice."

Here's more via the EVG inbox...

With support from a grant from the SOZE Agency, artists Daphne Arthur and Robert Galinsky work in collaboration with various criminal justice reform groups and individuals, to create "Ribbons of Justice", a mural that features writings, commentary, and advice from boys and girls, men and women, who are currently serving time at Rikers Island Jail and/or have served time incarcerated. Through workshops and interviews, Arthur and Galinsky engaged with scores of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people and distilled the writing into short powerful statements that address mass incarceration.

The mural image is the Statue of Liberty wrapped in unraveling and flowing ribbons, each printed with affirmative quotes and conscientious demands for justice and prison reforms. Echoing sentiments and experiences from formerly incarcerated individuals, we are confronted with a sense of hope and responsibility to restructure and create a healthier society.

The ceremony starts at noon.


JQ LLC said...

This is inspiring and timely considering the confirmation of Bart O'Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Toady who will help eviscerate the constitution with his preferred deference to unscrupulous corporations and the amoral corrupt President.

Giovanni said...

What a week...the First Avenue fire burns down Uogashi and forces tenants out, then the Boys Club announces the sale of their building, then another NYU student commits suicide, shutting down the L train, and to top it off Barfy O’Barfenaugh gets confirmed, making the Supreme Court the most Conservative bench since 1937. Thats a nice "Ribbons of Justice" mural, but at this rate it will be 50 years until those sentiments have a chance to be realized. It feels like the entire country just got gentrified, and now there’s nowhere left to go.