Monday, October 15, 2018

Another look at Village Square Pizza, coming soon to Avenue A

Here's a Day 2 look at the Village Square Pizza signage, which arrived back on Friday at 147 Avenue A between Ninth Street and 10th Street...

The pizzeria's Instagram account says this: "New gourmet pizza shop opening in the East Village."

So "gourmet" probably doesn't mean $1 pizza. We'll see soon enough.

Anyway, Village Square Pizza makes five places for slices on Avenue A: Muzzarella, Baker's, 99-cent Pizza and Two Boots. (There's a pizza place coming to 20 Avenue A as well.)

Eggoo, which sold Hong Kong egg waffles and ice cream sandwiches, was at No. 147 for a year. Before that we had La Lucha for six years.

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