Friday, October 12, 2018

C Lounge debuts on Avenue C

[Photo Wednesday night by EVG reader Kelvin]

Several EVG readers were surprised to see the opening this week of C Lounge, which debuted Monday at 14 Avenue C at Second Street. (Surprised, because there wasn't any kind of Community Board notice about its pending arrival with opportunity for community input, according to several local residents.)

The sidewalk sign shows offers of 2-for-1 happy hour (until 9 p.m.), $25 buckets of beer and $20 hookah.

Sherif Beshir, a principal of the Cozy Cafe on First Street and a co-owner of Mazaar Lounge on Essex Street, is said to be an owner of C Lounge. (Mazaar Lounge has had a controversial history as you can read here. And here.)

Santatorum, the hospital-themed cocktail lounge via mixologist Albert Trummer, quietly closed in this space back in the spring.

The Santatorum awning remains up, though black tape covers the previous business name...

Thanks to Nat Esten and Kelvin!


JQ LLC said...

Got a problem buddy? Take it up with the Night Mayor and the Night Parliament.

Really, de Faustio has whatsherface doing some borough wide town hall tour. One happened in Brooklyn where people left with utter disappointment.

noble neolani said...

The Mayor daytime and nighttime have an agenda to increase tax income from the sale of alcohol. They don't care about our any other residential neighborhood unless we are talking about the well healed upper east side, Tribecca, GV....

If you live near this place, complain every single night to 311 (there is an app which makes this easy and anonymous if you prefer). These complaints are registered and will count against any establishment which creates too much noise and lowers the living condition of its neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Is this a trend? Squat pop-up bars, bypassing the community Board?