Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Today's special: Milk Money Kitchens bringing food-consulting business to Avenue A

50 Avenue A finally has a new tenant.

Signage arrived over the weekend here between Third Street and Fourth Street for Milk Money Kitchens, which provides commercial kitchen rentals and consulting services for food businesses and designer kitchens for home cooks, per their website. (Their tagline: "Offering Rental Kitchens & Services that Help Food Entrepreneurs and Home Cooks Live Out Their Passion.")

Nancy Preston, the company's founder and CEO, is a 10-year Army veteran, and served as a Brigade Engineer building bases in Iraq.

This retail space had been on the market since the Citibank branch closed in January 2017.

The storefront's exterior now features the second coming of the cowboy mural by Solus.

A P.S. related:

Perhaps Milk Money can help fill the void created by the sudden closure of the food incubator Pilotworks this past weekend. Guess that means Pilotworks really isn't taking that space at 347 Bowery.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Nancy and thank you for your service!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this business/service become a success. The combined desire to help people live their dreams in building food related businesses and the support they intend for our service veterans is admirable. However, looking over the "team," I see that they are all MBAs or marketing people, none have experience in any food related industry or have owned their own small business. I think it's always important to have walked in the shoes of the people you are proposing to advise....but we'll see. I hope they're still around in a year.

UNKNOWN said...

The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. Freebies