Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Checking in on Compare Foods

[All photos by Stacie Joy]

EVG contributor Stacie Joy stopped by Compare Foods, 71 Avenue D at Sixth Street, yesterday.

Here's her report:

For those who have been in search of toilet paper, Compare Foods has you covered! A huge supply of all different types of tp. No price gouging either. Also available huge sacks of rice. Store is well stocked with merchandise.

On the downside, the social distancing here was less than ideal... and not on par with what we've seen at other supermarkets.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Stacie, and thanks, Grieve, for the updates. They matter a lot at a time like this!

Anonymous said...

awesome thanks so much for these local updates and thanks to those still working there.

Greg Masters said...

Great report. Stacie Joy has become an indispensable contributor. Thank you, Stacie for your efforts. I enjoy your woman on the street (and interiors) reports. And to EVG, of course, for your unrelenting service and good humor – even during calamity. BTW, Union Market (Ave. A and Houston) is well stocked and was easy to shop earlier this morning (no bacon, though).

Jill W. said...

Love your reports Stacy! And your ability to correctly spell "gouging". Stay safe.

bride of 7th said...

Thank you Stacie! You are a local treasure.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. On a side note, I don't recall when I last saw eggs in styrofoam cartons. Would have figured that to not be legal in NYC

Lola Sáenz said...

Thank you Stacie!
Thank you EV Grieve for your kindness,posting stories and updates!
Thanks Steve and everyone out there sharing photos!
Stay positive
Stay Healthy and Safe!

marty said...

Thank you Stacie! You rock!

Anonymous said...

1:36PM It's not banned because most are packaged out of state.

"New Yorkers will also continue to see Styrofoam in stores in the form of egg cartons and beneath shrink-wrapped ground beef, as those products are often packaged out-of-state."