Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Loews Village 7 likely closed for 6-12 weeks

The Loews Village 7 on Third Avenue at 11th Street is likely out of commission for up to 12 weeks.

AMC, the country's largest theater chain, made the announcement yesterday.

All AMC locations in the United States will close for at least six to 12 weeks, in compliance with local, state and federal directives, and as a precaution to help ensure the health and safety of moviegoers and theatre staff. AMC will continue to monitor the situation closely, and the Company will remain flexible on reopening, in accordance with CDC recommendations and governmental directives.

No word on the status of AMC employees during that time.

And how long will that stories-high ad for Dave Bautista vehicle "My Spy" remain up...?

[Photos from a few weeks ago]


Giovanni said...

They might need to turn these theaters into shelters to get the homeless off the street or into command and supply centers. NYU students have just been given 48 hours to get out of their dorms, and the city might convert the NYU dorms into hospital rooms. It’s safe to say if this happens that NYU will not be in session for the rest of the calendar year.

Anonymous said...

Our new normal. Just an example of what is to come in the future. Sad.

Brian said...

Dorm rooms,dorm apts,dorm suites, would be great for isolating virus carriers who do not require hospital care.

Anonymous said...

That is not the reason NYU evicted everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey have Netflix, Amazon video, HBOGO, HULU....the list is endless. You can skip the movies for a while. Though we may soon yearn for better days:
"Saturday Night at the movies,
Who Cares what picture we see?
When you're hugging with your baby in the last row of the Balcony"
The Drifters 1964