Thursday, March 26, 2020

RIP Edd Conboy

A memorial is on the corner of 10th Street and Avenue A for Edd Conboy.

According to social media posts, Conboy, a licensed therapist and director of social services at Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia, died last Friday of a stroke. He would have been 70 on Tuesday.

The inscription on the mirror reads in part, "u are not alone, We all reflect your spirit." The mirror is on a block marked COVID-19.

Thanks to Melissa Mennillo for the photo.


Anonymous said...

Not COVID-related, it was strictly the aftermath of the stroke.

Jane McNichol said...

Jim Conboy was unable to bury his brother Edd, or have a memorial, because of the Covid Outbreak. There will be many more who will die, and families and friends will have to grieve, without a ritual or remembrance, making their loved ones passing even more painful. Thanks for posting the memorial.

Jennifer Dannenberg said...

Just found out Edd is gone. A wonderful friend from many years ago in the Bay Area. Edd helped so many people!