Friday, March 20, 2020

San Loco's special delivery to 2 local hospitals

Text and photos by Stacie Joy

Earlier this week, several thoughtful people in the neighborhood ordered food from San Loco to be delivered to the workers at two local hospitals.

I tagged along with San Loco owners Jill and Kimo Hing as they — and their team — created, packaged and delivered hot lunches on Tuesday to two area hospitals, including Beth Israel’s emergency room.

The staff at both hospitals — on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak — were clearly tired and stressed, though grateful for the meals. I could see firsthand the conditions today and having the gift of food delivered was appreciated.

San Loco has set up these grab-n-go burrito grande meal packages (beef, chicken, pork, tofu, roasted veggie or rice and beans) along with a side of guacamole and chips and can do the same if you’d like to order food for some local first responders, hospital staff or nursing home/senior center employees.

To purchase meals, please call San Loco at its Stanton Street location at 212-253-7580 or email via this contact.

San Loco's Avenue C location is currently closed, but the outpost at 111 Stanton St. is open for takeout and delivery.


Anonymous said...

Thank you kind people!

Anonymous said...

Bravo & Brava to the wonderful people who made this happen! I hope it inspires more people to do similar.

I can't even imagine how exhausted the hospital workers are, but to have a delicious hot meal just APPEAR in front of you must be amazing!

KeyFood4Eva said...

Proof that there are still kind and caring people in this world.

TiffanywalkerNY said...

Love this!! Had the pleasure of knowing them both and they have always contributed in helping where they cane especially with their delicious food!! Bravo to Jill & Kimo!

Anonymous said...

Those very two are rock stars. We should take notes and follow their example.