Sunday, March 29, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Spring on 10th Street]

Posts this past week included...

• Marking the 5th anniversary of the deadly 2nd Avenue gas explosion (Thursday) A message from Nixon Figueroa and Ana Lanza, Nicholas Figueroa's parents (Thursday)

• RIP Nashom Wooden (Tuesday)

• Local business resources via EVIMA (Monday)

• Development deal for former Church of the Nativity includes the La Salle space next door (Wednesday)

• Checking in on TabeTome (Tuesday)

• Veniero's closes for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak (Saturday)

• No more hoops for now at the Tompkins Square Park basketball courts (Friday)

• The Union Square Trader Joe's is back open (Friday) Union Square Trader Joe's temporarily closed after employee is suspected of having COVID-19 (Tuesday)

• Checking in at Il Posto Accanto (Thursday)

• This week's NY See (Thursday)

• East Village Organic now closed for the next week (Friday)

• S'MAC's curbside service (Monday)

• Gem Spa is closed for now (Monday)

• RIP Edd Conboy (Thursday)

• Local community gardens are now closed to the public (Sunday)

• Report: Gregg Singer offers former P.S. 64 for use as a medical facility during COVID-19 crisis (Monday)

• Brooklyn Dumpling Shop setting up shop on 1st Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• Soil testing underway at the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• An East Village stay-at-home shopping list (Monday)

• Despite health crisis, critics persist (Wednesday)

• The return of the psychic hotline? (Saturday)

• CheLi signage up at 19-23 St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

... and thanks to Joseph Cavalieri for this great shot of the magnolia tree in the New York City Marble Cemetery on Second Street...


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