Tuesday, October 6, 2020

ICYMI: State Comptroller's audit lays out grim future for many bars and restaurants

Several EVG readers have been sharing the link to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's audit released last week outlining how devastating the pandemic has been on the NYC bar and restaurant industry.

The bleak assessment, citing various estimates, states that as many as one-third of the city's bars and restaurants may close in the next six months — coupled with 100,000 jobs lost in that same timeframe.

What can be done? Per the audit:
 New York City and State must continue to provide clarity and support to ensure the industry remains healthy and is able to carry out its integral role in the City’s economy and within its many communities. For its part, the federal government should provide new stimulus targeting the sector to sustain operations and help local economies mitigate transmission risk.
Find the full report at this link.


Anonymous said...

This is truly devastating. I spent a majority of my 20s and 30s in the NYC restaurant industry as a waiter and bartender. Made great money and friends. Seems like centuries ago. Now with more possible lockdowns and a second wave upon us, I don't know how most will do it, especially at 25%. Now that the man in the white house refuses to offer additional stimulus aid to the citizens and small businesses of this country, it will be the demise of many. A lot of this could have been prevented. My heart brakes for restaurant owners all around. Such a dirty shame :(

Gojira said...

While DiBlasio and Cuomo continue to squabble over which zip codes to shutter in Brooklyn and Queens.

Anonymous said...

The feds won't step in because this isn't a national issu . It's an NYC issue. Do people understand that big chunks of the country are opencompletely? This is on The mayor and governor. They need to help. More lockdowns and talks about a second wave from politicians are the problem.

Born on 6 Street 1 and 2 Ave 1951 said...

Yes 100%