Friday, October 2, 2020

In the company of 'Men'

The Barcelona-based post-punk trio Mourn have a new album coming out next month titled Self Worth. The video here is for "Men."


Anonymous said...

More crap music that has nothing to do with NYC, much less the EV.

Great site, but yeesh - you should really stay away from the music stuff.

Grieve said...

Thank you! I'm happy that you like the site so much. I've been posting a video Fridays at 5 since the early days of the blog nearly 13 years ago. I had another site (RIP — deleted, stupidly) before this one that focused more on music and other pop cultural stuff that was of little interest to mainstream audiences.

So this is one little carryover from the old site. I know! There is a label with the music video posts that says "THIS REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EAST VILLAGE." Because every so often someone will comment, "Wait, this band is from Oslo! This really has nothing to do with the East Village!" TRUE! BUSTED. But sometimes the videos have a connection to the East Village, like Cults, who live here, and Sunflower Bean, whose lead singer, Julia Cummings, either lives here now or grew up here. Or both.

As for this video, I first heard Mourn on KEXP in Seattle, which I learned also plays bands not based in Seattle. I since read more about them on Stereogum. Here's what Mourn had to say about this track:

This song is about walking the streets and having to deal with looks, words and attitudes from different men. To enter a store and be treated differently than male clients, and the same at work. This song portrays these situations and the frustration that comes with them. I’m sure there will be a lot of people that identify with these experiences, and being questioned for their identity. At the same time, I know there will also be people that are pissed or feel uncomfortable with these lyrics. But this is how we feel and no one can take our experiences from us.

I was curious if people would have a strong reaction to "Men." Apparently so! See you next Friday at 5.

Ronnie said...

I wake up to coffee/check news and sites and EVGrieve is and has for years been apart of this routine... thanks and keep it up 👍🏼

sophocles said...

It requires no defense Grieve. I didn't realize you always posted a video on Fridays at 5. But then years ago I didn't notice the Eifel Tower until I was almost under it.

Anonymous said...

wow, never even heard of this band! great sound/style/spirit; will check them out further for sure. thx for posting grieve!:)