Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Zoku Sushi apparently gives up the ghost on St. Mark's Place

A for rent sign recently arrived outside 42 1/2 St. Mark's Place, which marks the end here of Zoku Sushi, a delivery-only service.

Just last fall Zoku was getting press for being among the trendsetters of so-called ghost kitchens, a way for restaurateurs to combat increasing rents and employee wages as well as fees charged by food-delivery apps.

Charlie Yi, founder and CEO of Zoku Sushi in the East Village, has tapped a team of Nobu-trained chefs to prepare top-quality sushi — and thrown them into a 500-square-foot kitchen that’s behind an unmarked door at 42 St. Mark’s Pl.

No, you can’t sit down and eat there, and no, you can’t even pick up your order there. Instead, a team of delivery guys employed by Zoku are circulating in and out to bring sackfuls of sashimi, nagiri and miso to your door.

“Since we don’t have a restaurant or service staff, we can deliver that value to our customer and spend money on top chefs,” Yi says.
There isn't any word of a closure on the Zoku website or social media properties, which haven't been updated since march 17.

This space between First Avenue and Second Avenue was previously 10Below Ice Cream.

Thanks to Steven for the photo!

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