Monday, July 26, 2021

Tompkins Square Library hosting mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinic this week

This week, the Tompkins Square Library hosts a mobile vaccination clinic outside the branch at 331 E. 10th St. between Avenue A and Avenue B. 

The City's Test + Trace Corps will be here today through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

According to the flyer, anyone age 18 and over is eligible. No appointments are necessary. And a form of ID is required.

Data from the NYC Department of Health shows that 65 percent of adult residents in all five boroughs have been fully vaccinated.
Here's a look at zip codes in this area for adults age 18 and older via the DOH's map of vaccinations...

Partially vaccinated: 76.04 percent 
Fully vaccinated: 71.72 percent 

Partially vaccinated: 74.58 percent 
Fully vaccinated: 70.3 percent 

Partially vaccinated: 86.01 percent 
Fully vaccinated: 80.56 percent

In other developments... with the delta variant driving up infection rates, Mayor de Blasio called on private employers to consider mandating employees get vaccinated.

As The Hill reported:
"I'm calling upon all New York City employers, including our private hospitals, to move immediately to some form of mandate," the mayor said Friday while appearing on "The Brian Lehrer Show." "Whatever the maximum you feel you can do."

The Democratic mayor said the vaccination system that was in place for over half a year has been effective enough to restore some sense of normalcy, but that New York City has "reached the limits of a purely voluntary system." Mandates, he argued, are the next step.

It was reported last week that just 43 percent of the NYPD's workforce has been vaccinated against COVID-19. (The FDNY said that about 55 percent of its employees have been vaccinated.) An NYPD spokesperson told the Post that the department is working to educate workers and combat misinformation about the vaccine.

Meanwhile, with the increase in positive COVID-19 cases among the unvaccinated population, some elected officials, like City Council member Mark Levine, are making a case for the return of indoor mask requirements — even for the fully vaccinated. 

Updated noon
• NYC Will Require Vaccination Or Weekly Testing For All City Workers (Gothamist)


Anonymous said...

So with all the media smearing of Staten Island, they are doing better than Bronx and Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the city moving towards mandates for employees.

Also nice to see how high vaccination rates are in both Manhattan and our zip codes. Here's hoping the city doesn't do something stupid like imposing mask mandates a new in a blanket fashion given how good of a job so many of us are doing.

Mask mandates will just serve to discourage people that haven't already gotten vaccinated since "nothing changes" and will punish those of us that have gotten vaccinated.

noble neolani said...

I am fully vaccinated and plan on wearing a mask this fall / winter because we all my need to take some extra pre-cautions with the influx of tourists and the Delta variant of Covid they will certainly bring with them. I don't find wearing a mask a hardship and I seriously can't get my head around people who find it too high a price to keep their community safe from a killer airborne disease.

Anonymous said...

They arent going to have a mask mandate. It would kill tourism and the recovery. Wall st has already said they want all the employees back in Sept with no mask mandate. Money talks. Why get vaccinated if you have to wear a mask? Isn't that the point? Get the shot and get back to pre covid normal?

Anonymous said...

12:18pm is exactly right. It will hurt tourism. It will hurt people going back to offices. It will hurt restaurants/bars/shopping. It will hurt New York.

It is terribly short-sighted to even consider when a significant majority of adults are vaccinated and those that are vaccinated will not get severely ill or hospitalized.

Anonymous said...

It will hurt tourism? Really? What good will tourism be if people are sick, hospitalized or heaven forbid dead? Wear your dang mask, people. Yes, even if you're vaccinated and especially if you're vaccinated. Because the vaccine reduces the clinical presentation of our symptoms, so yeah, we could be sick and infectious and not aware of it.

Anonymous said...

From the article's 2nd paragraph (The City's Test + Trace vaccination van...)
Is there any more information regarding this?

Anonymous said...

A mask is just another item of clothing, like wearing a hat. I'm so tired of people complaining about the hardship of wearing one. Guess what? There is no going back to a pre-Covid normal. Normal for who, exactly? This won't be the last pandemic. Even Beth Israel saw the writing on the wall and decided it would be better to scrap their big outpatient facility plans and focus on improving their inpatient services because they saw first-hand how we are not prepared for the future. Working remotely is not a new concept and with the digital age, more and more jobs can be done from anywhere. The whole idea of the office needs to change. It works for some industries, but is not necessary for others except for middle managers who want physical control of their underlings.

I am vaccinated and will keep wearing masks indoors. It's not hard.

Grieve said...

Per the flyer, it's actually the City's Test + Trace Corps. I linked to their website.

John Penley said...

It would have been better if we had Vaxxed together.

Anonymous said...

Then prepare for the city to cut its budget by 30-50 percent. Midtown and Broadway die. The MTA goes bankrupt and there no one to subsidize tent subsidized and public housing. Does anyone think about the long term economic ramifications of NYC not fully repening? You can do whatever you want.

Scuba Diva said...

For some crazy reason, a lot of people don't think the mandates apply to them; I see a lot of maskless—and dicknosing—people on public transportation.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing—even if it is—but it's clear that more and more people are getting weary of wearing masks, and think rules don't apply to them.