Sunday, July 18, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week include (with a random photo outside Cafe Mogador on St. Mark's Place the other morning) ... 

• Police investigating the death of man on 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• Reports from CB3's public review of the Open Restaurants program (Thursday

• Kmart on Astor Place shutters after 25 years (Monday) Kmart tweetstorm (Thursday) A grocery store is on the way (Friday

• NYPD seeking duo who have burglarized 9 East Village businesses (Friday

• PJ O’Rourke regroups with a pop-up space on Broadway (Wednesday

• ❤️❤️ for Hash Halper (Sunday

• At WitchsFest USA — A Pagan Faire on Astor Place (Monday

• Report: David Bowie's former apartment sells on Lafayette (Tuesday)

• Christeene at the Parkside Lounge (Tuesday

• Local blog contributor tries the Kraft Mac-n-Cheese ice cream at Van Leeuwen (Thursday

• Green Land Gourmet Deli ready to debut on 10th Street and Avenue C (Thursday

• Pinc Louds release La Atómica, prepare for tour (Saturday

• El Rinconcito is on the move (Wednesday

• New office building bulks up on Houston (Monday

• Ideal Glass sign disappears on 2nd Street (Tuesday

• Prepping for "And Just Like That" on Avenue A (Friday

• Starbucks reduces its hours on Avenue A (Monday)

... and tonight and next Sunday, you can find a neon art installation by Patrick Nash Studio in the courtyard of 150 First Ave. at Ninth Street (PS122) ...
The poster for the event on St. Mark's Place at Third Avenue has an extra attraction listed for July 25... hijinks?
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