Thursday, November 11, 2021

Ahimsa Garden is leaving the East Village

Ahimsa Garden is leaving the East Village for Midtown East. 

Signs up at the Indian restaurant that serves vegetarian food at 265 E. 10th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue shows an upcoming move to East 38th Street. Per the sign: "Thank you for all your support. We are blessed with such an awesome community."

AG, an offshoot of the Thompson Street location at the time, opened here in August 2017.

Thanks to the EVG reader who shared this photo!


sophocles said...

Best of luck Ahimsa. We enjoyed your excellent dosa, baigan bartha, that cauliflower appetizer and other fare, and your kind service.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Kava Sutra and their clientele are driving potential customers away from surrounding businesses.

Sim City Mayor said...

The clientele of Kavasutra are an interesting lot. Near continuous double-parking leads to trucks blaring their horns for long periods.

OlympiasEpiriot said...

Oh no!

Do we have a date this will happen? Or has it already happened?

Christopher Pelham said...

Oh no! I really like Ahimsa. the food seems really clean and the staff seem really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Re 11:25 and 4:58, agreed. I live right above Kava, and can attest to the negative impact that that bar has brought to my block. Sigh. It’s not hard for me to imagine why ahimsa garden is moving.
These (among others) led me to my decision to move, and I’m so heartbroken because I will miss my home.