Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday's parting shot

Nice to see the windows again this holiday season at the 99-cent store at 73 First Ave. between Fourth Street and Fifth Street... the sidewalk bridge came down here this past summer after nearly five years for the condoplex next door. 

Thanks to Goggla for the photo today!


Anonymous said...

the people who work there are very nice

Anonymous said...

Looks happy and pretty.

Wonder if the trees will return
in front of Rite Aid this year.

Hard to believe the year just zipped by.

Anonymous said...

Please stop calling that place the 99 cent store; nothing in there that costs less than $2.

Anonymous said...

That's what it says on the awning !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I always think of this video whenever I walk by there:
So many changes from the pre-pandemic days back then