Monday, August 15, 2022

About the 188 Allen St. Takeover this week

Over the next few nights, #0H10m1keandfriends are hosting bands and sticker artists at 188 Allen St. between Houston and Stanton... 
The "Art Garage" (aka 188 Allen St. Outpost) arrived outside CheeseGrille here several weeks ago (and coinciding with a new mural above the restaurant by @SacSix). 

You can read more about what to expect here over the next five nights at this link.

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Anonymous said...

Question ---- was this space reserved/identified as a restaurant's business need (aka dining shed during covid) and now it's being repurposed as an arts shed?

I love the idea of art on the streets, but absolutely deplore the execution. Last time I walked by, there were zero seats to even suggest an outdoor dining shed. So, how is this allowed?

I would love more public exhibits of art, but let's not let businesses (regardless of how big/small they are) determine what is put in public space.

These sheds need to go - and this is rubbing the issue in the faces of everyone that suggests otherwise.

~~ Your anonymous neighbor (sorry, I have my reasons for being anonymous and I can only say that they are safety- and anxiety- driven; not because I'm not comfortable defending my stance or the assumed disagreeing statements).