Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Free fitness classes return to Avenue B

The "14Y Fitness in the Streets" series of free outdoor classes have returned to the Open Streets of Avenue B.

Via the EVG inbox...
The 14Y is proud to partner with Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition (LOSCC) with support from NYC Departments of Transportation and Small Business Services this summer to expand our group fitness class offerings and support our vibrant downtown community!

Join us on Wednesdays and Saturdays in August and September for Zumba, Masala Bhangra, and Heart and Soul Cardio Dance to stay active, enjoy some sunshine, and connect with your neighbors!

All fitness levels are welcome!
You can find the schedule and more info at this link

The program debuted in May 2021.


Anonymous said...

Genuinely curious why these great classes are not being held in the park literally next door? Why are the streets closed to traffic and potentially restricting less mobile residents from getting into transport? Tompkins is right here. Would someone please clarify, please.

Anonymous said...

Because then it'd be called something else like "Fitness in the Park".
This is "Fitness in the Streets".

Anonymous said...

City DOT has closed other streets near parks for “open streets/restaurants “ such as Columbus Avenue a block from Central Park.
(BTW that closure results in bus diversion - apparently no big deal to make mass transit harder for people who need.)

Open Streets was a Covid thing but City Council approved DOT broad ability to do anywhere anytime. Basically benefits bicyclists.

Doing in the park would make sense and bolster park safety and community.

Anonymous said...

Well someone should organize something in the park then.

Anonymous said...

Because we aren't allowed to question this dubious use of the Avenue because then the rage filled anti-car contingent will become unhinged. Also, can someone please consider the children!