Monday, August 22, 2022

Dunkin' to make triumphant return to 250 E. Houston St.

Photo by Stacie Joy

Don't look now, but a Dunkin' is returning to 250 E. Houston St. 

Signage is now up in one of the recently remodeled storefronts here between Avenue A and Avenue B. 

The Dunkin'/Baskin-Robbins combo was a casualty late last summer when the storefronts on the eastern end of the retail strip were emptied ahead of demolition for a new residential building. (See those plans here.) 

Anyway, this looks to be a solo Dunkin' operation. No sign of Baskin-Robbins. So you'll have to settle for doughnuts/donuts.


Anonymous said...

I occasionally have a hankering for an old fashioned DD donut. The only problem is, after having one I want one every day after.

Anonymous said...

Do we know when it's opening?