Saturday, October 1, 2022

Happy Hitchcocktober!

If it's October (it is!), then it's also time for the return of Hitchcocktober to Village East by Angelika on Second Avenue at 12th Street. 

And here's this year's slate of Alfred Hitchcock films: 

• Oct. 5, "The Birds" 

 • Oct. 12, "Rope"

• Oct. 19, "Dial M for Murder" 

 • Oct. 26, "Saboteur" 

• Oct. 31, "Psycho"

You can find ticket info here. And several of the screenings are in the large auditorium — the Jaffe Art Theatre. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! October is my favorite month. Love the fall and Halloween :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, as I was just thinking that I ought to look it up. Seeing these classics on the big screen with an audience of New Yorkers is one of my favorite things each October!