Sunday, November 20, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo on 1st Avenue by Grant Shaffer) ... 

• A visit with Moxie, a nearly 8-year-old East Village photographer with an eye for nature (Wednesday)

• A visit to Azaleas, celebrating 20 years in the East Village (Tuesday

• EV Loves NYC preparing for its 3rd annual Thanksgiving event for New Yorkers in need (Friday)

• The tree lighting ceremony in Tompkins Square Park takes place on Dec. 11 (Monday

• This morning's community meeting in Tompkins Square Park (Thursday) ... Why is this area of Tompkins Square Park now closed to the public? (Thursday

• About 'Bomb Pop 2,' an 'ongoing conversation' at Bullet Space (Friday

• The Gallery Watch Q&A: Sneha S. on 'Portraits of the Revolution' (Saturday

• Bowery building once owned by Andy Warhol is up for auction (Tuesday

• City removes curbside dining structure at Amor Y Amargo on 6th and A (Saturday

• While we're waiting for the full reveal at 14 2nd Ave. (Monday

• Let there be sidewalk here on Avenue C! (Wednesday

• Gratin, a new gallery, debuts on 5th Street and Avenue B (Thursday

• That's all for the short-lived Luna Cafe Lounge on 2nd Avenue (Thursday)

• The Union Square Holiday Market is now open on Union Square this holiday season (Friday

• Heathily Deli has not been open lately (Monday

• Noted, good-God-not-another-one edition (Wednesday) ... Hey, what might be opening in this empty 1st Avenue storefront? (Monday

... and an attempt at humor for fans of the Citizen app...
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