Sunday, May 7, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from earlier in the week in Tompkins Square Park by Derek Berg) ... 

• The homicide of Jordan Neely (Thursday

• Heady psychedelia: A conversation with East Village musician Franzi Szymkowiak of Lukka (Thursday

• After deadly collapse, city issues vacate order at the Little Man Parking garage on 9th Street (Tuesday)

• Coming attractions: Prep work underway for the renovation of the Tompkins Square Park field house (Friday)

• RIP Bill Brady (Friday)

• The Pinky's Space storefront is for rent on 1st Street (Monday)

• Grass acts: Main lawn in Tompkins Square Park has been reseeded (Thursday

• Basics Plus has closed on 3rd Avenue (Monday)

• Officials: Developer had permission to remove trees from new building site at 1 St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

• This 2nd-level retail space is for rent on St. Mark's Place and 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• Local elected officials speak out to landmark Theatre 80 ahead of auction (Tuesday

• Signage alert: Don Ceviche on 1st Avenue (Tuesday)

• Sunday C&C Eatery announces itself at The Bowery Market (Monday

• The stand-up MRI place closes on Avenue A (Monday)

• The Mermaid Inn won't be returning to its original East Village home (Wednesday

• Nest Ball: Amelia and Christo's 2023 chicks make first appearance (Thursday)

• Ichibantei Japanese Soul Food and Steak debuts on 3rd Avenue; closes on 13th Street (Wednesday

... and keeping with the dog theme in Tompkins Square Park... a dog vs. car moment (photos by Steven) ...
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Anonymous said...

What a graceful boy or girl (in top photo)! I love dogs! They are the best. Also, please don't terrorize them. lol.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic dog photos!!!! Thanks Derek and Steven!!!

derek berg said...

Anonymous 1.00 pm Thanks so much