Thursday, December 4, 2008

A new store is opening that people may actually be able to afford

Too often I expect the worst when I see empty storefronts, as if the new tenant will be -- all together now -- the ever-popular bank brank or Fro-Yo shoppe or Duane Reade or ramen noodle house or... (And why wouldn't I feel this way?)

Anyway! To some relief, I suppose, here's what's coming to 23 Avenue B near Second Street:

(Look how they're already putting the fear into potential shoplifters!)

By the way, I counted 10 empty storefronts/restaurants on Avenue B between Second Street and Fifth Street, the site of the former Zips deli. Add that with the six or seven I counted on Avenue B between 12th Street and 14th Street a few weeks back and, well, that's a lot of empty storefronts/restaurants. Maybe landlords should stop hiking rents. Has the CB3 has effectively put an end to new bars/restaurants in the vacant spaces? Is Avenue B over as a destination spot? (Ha. I know, I know.)

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Marlie said...

can't wait!!

Jill said...

There are so many empty stores, you are right, and from what I can tell the landlords simply refuse to lower their rents. I will never understand the economics of an empty store vs. the potential for a higher rent that is short term.

Did you notice that Jubb's Longevity on 12th closed. That guy was weird, and I don't know how he stayed in business as long as he did, and his self-proclaimed diet of air is just bizarro, but another small business gone, and another interesting local character disappeared.

melissa said...

hmm, well i guess the "average" person would think dr jubb was weird, but if you are a new yorker, he is kind of the norm. plus, if you haven't even stepped foot into his deli and tried his food or talked to him, it is kind of lame to call his practices bizarro. he survives on a calorie restricted diet like the majority of health conscious people. go to india, there are many yogis who fast, meditate, and have a "diet of air", as you say.

Jill said...

I would never call someone weird who I hadn't met. The drama around him was continual, which is what primarily informs my opinion, and the "air diet" was his proclamation, not mine. I just looked it up and it's called "breatharian," which is a much different concept than veganism, raw foods, fasting and meditation.

But to be fair, "eccentric" is a more accurate description than weird and for that I apologize.