Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breaking! Firetrucks (and firefighters!) in action at the corner where Keith McNally will somehow probably ruin

Just after 3, the corner of Bowery and Houston was the scene of chaos! Enough equipment to put out the inferno at the Towering Inferno! Fire trucks! Ladders! Firefighters! Drivers trying to turn right onto Bowery and honking their horns!

Everyone stood around for a little bit then left. No report of actual flames from the people standing around -- the people standing around who weren't firefighters. Tourists took pictures. Someone had a video camera. Anyway, good thing there wasn't a real fire -- the firefighters would not have been able to penetrate the quadruple plywood protecting McNally's new pizza joint.

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John said...

that large a space? I don't see it surviving unless it is some very good or unusual pizza with all the great shops already Ray's- Whole Food- Lombardi's- Pomadoro. But from a guy named McNally? How about corned beef ah but there is Katz - he should do 50 cent hot dogs in this economy. The day of the 3 to 5 dollar slice of pizza is over.