Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your chance to heckle a grump!

Joking! Please be nice to Mr. Reed! From The Villager's A-list:

Lou Reed will be making a special appearance to read from, discuss, and sign his book, “Pass Thru Fire: the Collected Lyrics.” Containing a body of work that spans more than three decades, “Pass Thru Fire” (Da Capo Books, December 2008) is a compilation of the lyrics of an American original. Beginning with his formative days in the Velvet Underground and continuing through his remarkable solo career—albums like Transformer, Berlin, New York, Magic and Loss, and Ecstasy--Pass Thru Fire is crucial to an appreciation of Lou Reed, not only as a consummate underground musician, but as one of the truly significant poets of our time. Wed., Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. Free. Housing Works Book Café. 126 Crosby St. (betw. Prince & Houston Sts.)

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Anonymous said...

I know he has a reputation for being grumpy, or even nasty, but the one time I met him in the late 80's he was actually very friendly and talkative. Granted, it was at a CMJ (College Music Journal) Convention, and he was there to speak and be friendly to the college students that were playing his new records, but he actually spoke to people after and autographed things and was downright friendly. Exactly the opposite of everything I had ever heard about his demeanor.