Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dead end on Avenue B?

We've chronicled the empty storefronts that line Avenue B — 22 vacant spaces still by my last count. Sure, there are signs of life in a few of the empty storefronts, but... Meanwhile, this gave us pause last night: Someone inexplicably (ominously?) placed a "dead end" sign for those driving south down Avenue B to see...

The sign is supposed to be facing east on 13th Street.

Meanwhile, the Tibetan specialty shop Lhasa Boutique near Fourth Street has offically closed.

By the way, I don't want to give the impression that tumbleweeds are blowing down the Avenue... Hardly. There are still the unnamed ones that attract the weekend jackasses..... And there are plenty of highlights... a few neighborhood colorful mom-and-pop shops remain (Metropolitan TV, Raul's Candy)...and fine places such as Mona's, Bee Liquors, Lakeside Lounge, B-Side, Life Cafe, 7B, Manitoba's, Mama's Bar (and Mama's on Third Street), Zaitzeff....

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