Monday, March 23, 2009

Does this mean there will always be a line?

Because, you know, people always stand in line waiting for brunch (for reasons that I have never understood)...Uh, anyway, Eater has the story about what's going in this space on First Avenue near Sixth Street.


Anonymous said...

The name is cause for a firebombing.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe in 80s we used to incessantly mock brunch? As if you needed a reason to drink before noon. Ha. And we hated brunch food - what can you say about food where the mark-up is 375% and all that hold its together is all together pale lemony glue? Blech.

Oh for the return of a nice dairy restaurant. Now that's a place to spend a weekend afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I hate brunch and I hate lines.