Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Admiring the fashion sense of "the girls that live in the East Village"

In an interview with the Guardian UK yesterday, model/designer Erin Wasson (pictured, right) was asked whose style she admired:

All the girls who are not in the pages of fashion magazines. The girls that live in the East Village in New York you see walking down St Mark's. They didn't look at a fashion magazine or go to Barneys and put something on their credit card. I like girls who are really eccentric and kooky. I love the rockabilly look -- not a rockabilly look because it's "this season", but the real deal. Believe it or not, there was a lot of that look in Dallas where I grew up.

I, too, get my fashion sense from St. Mark's Place. Hey, has anyone seen my long-sleeve mustard shirt?

[Subway Dude photo via Slum Goddess]


Eden Bee said...

Subway dude!! I miss him so...

Anonymous said...

Me too! I keep walking around the new store in hopes of spotting him!