Monday, March 30, 2009

Cafe de Nova space for rent; Avenue B back up to 22 vacant storefronts

Last Thursday I mentioned that La Bonne Bouffe was the third new cafe-bakery-small-plates-type place to open on the south end of Avenue B since January... I failed to mention in that discussion that Cafe de Nova on Avenue B near 11th Street closed up earlier this month... This cafe-bakery-small-plates-type place opened late last spring...

How long will the bagels remain in the window?

So, with this, we're back up to 22 empty storefronts on Avenue B.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised Cafe de Nova lasted as long as it did. The guy who ran the place was so rude and couldn't get an order as simple as a plain bagel and a coffee right. Too bad for him. The locals are into supporting our E.V. shops, but this guy didn't do anything to ingratiate himself with his customers.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the comment, anon. I'd actually never been to Cafe de Nova... I have tried the three new cafes on B between 7th and 2nd... The owners are all friendly and efficient, I've found... though I haven't had any compelling reason to frequent any of them on a more regular basis.