Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another "the recession can be fun" story

From the Post yesterday:

The recession is such a bummer. Wouldn't it be nice to time travel to a simpler era the 1950s when money was plentiful, appliances were shiny, and rock was just beginning to roll? A carefree time, when wiggling a Hula Hoop rather than watching the Dow plummet was the favored pastime, and love could be found at a sock hop. Happily, a DeLorean time machine a la "Back to the Future" isn't necessary. Doo-wop shows, record hops, and soda fountains are all here. As it turns out, happier days can be had again.

And do these folks look like they're from the 1950s?:

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Eden Bee said...

Heh. That's Michael and his gal Cheryl...His band the Susquehanna IndustrialTool and Die Co. are really funny and really good..I go to see them all the time.