Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I've missed on Life On Mars

Oh, right. Life On Mars is still on...Tonight at 10, in fact. A reader dropped me a note on the topic...I had stopped watching the show after the third episode:

i'm not all that crazy about the show but i like that they're finishing the series this season. anyway, i know you complained that [the lead character] never did anything fun while he was back in time, so i thought you'd like to know that on the most recent episode he had sex with his old baby-sitter, who he'd always fantasized about. i thought that was kind of cool.


Anonymous said...

i belive tonight's episode is the penultimate in the series.

i always feel like a big man when i use the word penultimate.

Anonymous said...

Wait, does this mean there's a nude scene with Harvey Keitel?

Anonymous said...

just turned it, i love harvey keitel. this show actually could have been cool. could have been.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what annoys me about LOM -- it was thisclose to be something special.

I might revisit some day when it gets the DVD treatment.