Friday, March 12, 2010

At Ray's, the "line in the sand" for the East Village

At the Observer, W.M. Akers checks in with a nice story on Ray's titled The East Village's 'Line in the Sand.'

Here's an excerpt:

He is a neighborhood fixture, and since January he has emerged, inadvertently, as a cause. Caught between high rent and slow business, he is suddenly a symbol for local residents who feel they have seen every quirk of their neighborhood ironed out and turned into a Chase Bank. East Village organizer "Reverend" Billy Talen called Mr. Alvarez "a line in the sand." But besides being a symbol, he is a person, one who just wants to keep doing what he has done for so long, even though it's no longer marketable.

Read the whole article here. And the Save Ray's clothing/accessories are here.

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glamma said...

this is a heartwarming article about a very heartwarming guy. thank you grieve.