Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Bee back in business

As we noted on Feb. 21, Busy Bee Bikes on Sixth Street between First Avenue and Avenue A was shut down by the cops ...

City Room report that owner Jack Malewich has reopened the shop. Per the article:

The shop reopened on Friday, after a $4,000 fine and under court-ordered stipulations that include random inspections and severe restrictions on purchasing used bikes. While it has stopped accepting used bikes off the street, Mr. Malewich said, the shop continues to buy used bikes from a Connecticut wholesaler.

“We have that found several of the sellers of bikes to Busy Bee had records for crimes including grand larceny, burglary, narcotics, and weapons possession,” said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. “One individual who sold four bikes to Busy Bee had 18 prior arrests.

“Busy bees, indeed,” he concluded.

Mr. Malewich, 52, a retired police detective, dismissed the notion that his shop knowingly engaged in any sort of criminal activity. “We have so many repeat customers, you could never have an image like this,” Mr. Malewich said, and he called the whole episode “embarrassing.” He said he believed the undercover officers did not accurately convey to the shop’s employees that the bikes were stolen. “To these kids, ‘hot’ — it doesn’t mean stolen,” he said. “It just means, you know, a nice bike.”

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