Sunday, May 2, 2010

Instructive if you have problems unifying your 1,800 square foot, four bedroom home

There's a Home & Garden piece in the Times titled "An East Village Apartment, Sleek and Childproof."

The piece begins...

AFTER hiring and firing two architects in three years, David and Blanche Uyttendaele had a home with a split personality.

The back of their 1,800-square foot co-op in the East Village was traditional — like a prewar apartment on the Upper West Side — with a long, narrow hallway that led to the three bedrooms and master bathroom. The front felt more like a loft, with one open living and dining space.

They needed to unify the space somehow, but that wasn’t their only challenge.

The Uyttendaeles (pronounced YOU-ten-dales), both 40, have two rambunctious boys ... who treat the apartment like a playground, racing around barefoot after school and leapfrogging from the coffee table to the sofa like small superheroes. So the space needed to be childproof as well.

Actually, I stopped reading at this point. Let me know how it ends.

[Photo: Elizabeth Felicella for The New York Times]


HippieChick said...

It didn't end any better than it began...a tiresome account of tiresome people who want to pretend they don't really live in the East Village. So? Go from our midst and dwell in the 'burbs where you belong, then...

evi said...

your post is hilarious. I lived in 450 square feet with a husband, son and dog for a zillion years on Avenue A. I have to laugh when I read shit like this. I stopped in mid article too.


Lisa Ramaci said...

Oh, thank you! Now that illicit substances are not as prevalent on East Village street corners as in days of yore, I was wondering what new wonder drug I could use to quell my appetite, This has induced such nausea, I doubt I'll eat for a week!

Anonymous said...

AT the end, the two toddlers grow up to be Junkies and hangon the corner with the other low-lifes