Saturday, May 1, 2010

Regardless, something awful will be happening at 147 First Ave.

Thanks to EV Grieve reader Steph, we learned that something is amiss at 147 First Ave. at the corner of Ninth Street ... workers on the scene said the building is being primed for demolition... However, in a follow-up post yesterday afternoon, Curbed learned a few more details:

A permit was just approved for interior renovations on the four-story, 31-unit building.

The owner is named on the permit as Terrence Lowenberg, a hotshot young developer whose Icon Realty recently tussled with Robert A.M. Stern over fees owed. This time around Lowenberg is employing a Stern of a bit less distinction: The notorious Issac & Stern firm is listed as the architect. No doubt the 'hood will be keeping close watch.


Issac & Stern are the go-to guys for adding extra floors to tenement buildings in the neighborhood, such as at 515 E. Fifth St. and 514-516 E. Sixth St., as The Villager reported.

You could almost make the case that 147 First Ave. would be better off being demolished ...

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HippieChicki said...

Interesting that the permit says the "renovation" cost estimate is only $30,000. I don't think you can do much for own landlord paid about twice that to fix up the halls, stairways and common areas in my that's a lie right there...

Anonymous said...

remember the stench that always emanated from this joint?