Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Village Fabics closing Aug. 31

And a reliable source says that the landlord has already found two takers who will pay double the current rent here on First Avenue and 11th Street.

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Lisa said...

Oooooh, lemme guess, okay? Lemme guess, lemme guess! We're gonna get - a BAR!!!

EV Grieve said...

Or maybe a ramen joint?

Anonymous said...

Everone always says bar, but from my vantage point it seems that there are more sushi places and nail salons (neither of which would ever be of use to me) in the EV than bars. So, I am guessing a nail place that serves sushi.

glamma said...

so sad. i've been in there a few times lately and the owners just seem devastated. got a really good deal on some fabric. now we will have no fabric store. i wish this wasn't happening.

EV Grieve said...

@ anon 11:11 Ha! Don't give anyone any ideas!

EV Grieve said...

Agreed, Glamma... its closing mirrors the changes in the neighborhood. From DNAinfo today:

Years ago, Village Fabrics catered to the artistic community that flourished in the East Village and gave the neighborhood its bohemian reputation.
“All the rockers and punkers came here for their scraps,” said Miz Margo, a burlesque performer, on Tuesday as she passed through the shop. “But nothing is D.I.Y. anymore because you can buy it online.”

She noted that everyone from musicians to drag performers at the nearby Pyramid Club used to frequent the shop to throw together outfits for their shows.

“Except for burlesque, there isn’t as many people getting done up anymore,” Margo added.

HippieChick said...

Back in the Really Old Days (1968), when HippieChick was a girl who had just moved into the EV, there were fabric and notions stores all up 1st Avenue, from the fabric store where the shoe store now is on SW corner St Marks and 1st, to the tiny notions store where is now either China Star or the burrito place, and Diamond Fabrics, the huge and perilously overstacked place where (I think) Commodities now is, or the restaurant?, and other notions and fabric place right up to 14th.

Since I sewed a lot of my own clothes, not being a rich hippie but liking that fashion look, this was paradise for me. Now...well, at least there's Gizmo for my thread and trim needs! Don't leave us, Gizmo!