Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Grieview

[Photo by James Maher. See more of his work here]

RIP Dominic Philbert (Monday)

A Second Line march for Ray Deter (Monday)

A lot of photos of the double rainbow (Wednesday)

No sleepwalking in this loft for sale on the Bowery (Thursday)

Fu Sushi reopened (Tuesday)

Rent the old Le Souk space for 25K (Wednesday)

The willow tree of Eighth Street is looking good again (Wednesday)

Grabbing health by the nuts, and other ad slogans (Friday)

Changes in the works for Banjo Jim's (Thursday)

Santa Monica-based Euphoria Loves Rawvolution opening an outpost on East 12th Street (Monday)

And no one commented on this post about water interruption! (Tuesday)


Marty Wombacher said...

Great photography over at James Maher's blog, I just checked it out. Thanks for putting up the link! And some wiseass just left a comment over at the water interruption post.

Lux Living said...

Is that Britney Spears?

Crazy Eddie said...

I find the Britney clone strangely alluring. But I also find Michele Bachmann alluring as well. Well, you what they say, psycho sex is the best sex. By the way, speaking of the Bachmanns , Dan Savage killed last Friday on Bill Maher.