Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jello wrestling ... for a good cause today

From the EV Grieve inbox ... from our friend Our Lady of Perpetual PMS...

Double Down will host live wrestling matches, Saturday evening, in the ring of jello ...

Wrestlers: Show up early to sign up and sign a waiver to wrestle. Then you're free to fight it out with your roommate over which of you drank the last PBR or dirty-dish bombed the sink for a week.

(Athletic) Supporters: Come out & cheer for your favorite delinquent-turned-wrestler for the day! Bet on the wrestlers, win great prizes from our sponsors & enjoy the drink specials & the madness. Don't forget to bring signage supporting your favorites!

Guest emcees are Our Lady of Perpetual PMS & Referee Mike SOS
from GLOB — Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling
This is a mixed event. We reserve the right to remove or dismember any assholes or douchebags disrupting the spirit of good-natured fun for a great cause.

Annual Jello Wrestling to Beat Breast Cancer Benefit
Saturday, 9/10
Double Down Saloon
14 Avenue A
Event begins @ 4pm, goes till 9 pm
Suggested donation of $10 benefits Breast Cancer Research.

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