Saturday, March 10, 2012

[UPDATED] Did the Yogurt Station close on St. Mark's Place?

That's what a reader asked. With the paper over the windows/doors and all. Perhaps just a remodeling.

Does anyone know?

Meanwhile, we went to Yelp to see if we could find any clues ... There's a reluctant 2-star review from last Saturday... The Yelper asked, "What HAPPENED!!!!"

Yeah, what happened?

There were only two flavors: red velvet and chocolate. I'd go for the red velvet. MELTED!!!!! So I went for chocolate (eh, nothing special). By the time I got to eat it, it was already melted.

There was a good amount of flavors, mind you. And they STAYED frozen to the last bite. Not tonight!

Not to mention, the girl behind the register had quite the grumpy face. Before then, there was a friendly girl that worked the register. This makes me sad. Maybe service went downhill because the employee(s) there don't care about maintaining the store.

Anyway, the last time that we saw paper over the windows at this address... from February 2009...

Nope, still open! Just closed for remodeling or something.


LvV said...

Oh no, not the Yogurt Station!!! Wherever will we go now to fulfill our frozen-yogurt-based needs??!

Frankly, I didn't even know this place existed. Then again, I give a crap about exactly three things on St. Marks: Trash & Vaudeville, Search and Destroy, and East Village Books. Oh, and Gem Spa. Four things.


NOW what will I dip my macaroons and cup cakes in? FML!

Anonymous said...

Pinkberry was packed today!

Big Brother said...

Fuck Pinkberry