Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More items from last night's CB3/SLA meeting: New eatery OK'd for Nice Guy Eddie's space

A few more items of interest from last night's CB3/SLA committee meeting... We mentioned that the committee OK'd the Joe's-to-Josie's change on East Sixth Street.

Meanwhile, according to Hannah Leighton at Eater, Team Andre Balazs withdrew plans to discuss a revamped Standard East Village until next month's meeting.

In addition, the committee approved the transfer of assets from Nice Guy Eddie's on Avenue A at Houston/East First Street to an entity called Downtown Dining LLC led by Darin Rubell of the Gallery Bar. Plans call for a restaurant serving "American comfort food." An EV Grieve tipster noted that Rubell was noncommittal about keeping the Kiss mural on the restaurant's south wall along East First Street.

Read the rest of Eater's coverage here. ... and The Lo-Down.


Anonymous said...

Why would they keep that stupid Kiss mural? Time for it to go. Bye bye.

glamma said...

The KISS mural rules! It is a beacon of the REAL east village!
Rubbell, don't do us wrong.
That mural is beloved and also,

Anonymous said...

These partners of Downtown dining LLC seem to own a lot of businesses in the East Village and LES. Also, Bob Perl of Tower Brokerage is a partner. He's been around forever. He owns alot of property around here. It's crazy how people who own things in the area know each other. They all seem so involved in the area, kind of like some of these family dynasties. It's cute.

Anonymous said...

The mural was recently tagged by Angel 'Laroc' Ortiz - the same jackass who tagged the Joe Strummer mural a while back. Almost 50 years old and spray painting peoples buildings and legitimate artists work. What a sad & pathetic person. Hopefully McWater wil recognize his tag & have him arrested and he'll go to jial - again.

Anonymous said...

I heard that McWater is going to run in June to once again be the Board Chair of CB3. I wonder why he would sell his business to Darren Rubell and Bob Perl. All of these people seem to own so much and they all seem to know one another. Like this other guy too. His name is Paul Seres. He's the President of the NY Nightlife Association. He is also a member of CB4's SLA committee. Yeah, he came in as a partner to help take over this bad place that was called the Ludlow Manor which is on the corner of Ludlow and Delancey. David McWater seemed to know him too. People say that there was some reluctance. I was there. I guess there was a bit but no it died down fast. Yeah that passed right through. They will be opening up two more floors, so three floors of fun.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Plan B is that the bar across from TSP? Must be.

He is a co-owner over at Ella along with his brother Jordan boyd and Darren Rubell.

Josh is also a partner at Plan B along with Bob Perl. Never been there. It's a small world.

Anonymous said...

Jordan and joshua Boyd are partners in Gallery Bar and Ella along with Darren Rubell.

The Boyd's are also co-owners of Plan B. That is the bar located at 339 E.10th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. Bob Perl is also a partner.

Jordan and Josh coined the name LEV which stands for(Lower East Village) when they opened Ella Lounge on Avenue A. It's clever, no?

It's interesting to me that someone like David McWater would sell his business to some of the biggest lounge entrepreneurs of the LES. He has consistantly put down lounges at community board meetings stating that he is for bars but not for lounges, often getting into it with lounge owner Ariel Palitz.

Anonymous said...

I've always heard mcwater has other partners in almost all of his bars. a sale might not be entirely up to him. also, compared to his other spots doubt eddies brings in as much cash.

Anonymous said...

The partner of Eddie's lives in Vegas. There are some key people on the Community board who have been very helpful in our transition from a neighborhood full of character and characters to an area full of douchebags. Ariel Palitz who is on the board of the New York Nightlife Association and on the CB3 SLA Committee votes in every asshole applicant looking for a liquor license. She had to recuse herself when this guy Paul Seres, president of the NY Nightlife Association appeared before the board. She said it was because she was in business with him. This is for the club on the corner of Ludlow and Delancey. Formerly a one floor nuisance which just got approved for two additional floors as well as a roof deck. Nobody from that neck of the woods came out to oppose this one. Mcwater knows Paul too. Mcwater in one sentence said that he had reservations about the size of the club, but that Paul was a reputable guy. That was the big reluctance. It's a total coup. As for Eddie's, the new owners of the former Nice guy Eddie's never listed there names on the application. Well why not? We still don't know even who all of the partners are except for Darren Rubel and Bob Perl and we may never know because applicants are not required to list there names on the SLA website. There are no principals listed for Nice guy Eddie's on this site.

The neighborhood is over. The pleasures of conquering.

Cookiepuss said...

I used to think that B Bar was a men's bar because of the barber shop in the front of the space. The barber shop is a classic with a glass picture front window where one can gaze at men getting their hair cut. The bar is actually a mixed male and female bar. My confusion, because of the imagery fronting the place eventually cleared up, and I came to realize that it is not a men's bar, it's just that it's anti-female.

Anonymous said...

The stretch of 10th street between A and B used to be quite nice with beautiful buildings, the Public Library and Life Cafe anchoring the corner. I remember a couple of bars/clubs/performance spaces where this weird barber shop/bar is now. With Shaoul adding a cinderblock penthouse to a historic building, The Hotel Toshi, Gnocco, this barbershop/lounge thing, an expanded 9th street espresso and who knows what on the corner the yuppies and tourists have firmly planted their flag in the ground and claimed it as theirs. While it is sad to see Life go after all these other changes she seemed out of place.