Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Restaurant that never opened on Avenue B looking like a restaurant again

Back in June 2009, we noted that Caffe Buon Gusto was opening an outpost on Avenue B and East Fifth Street... CBG, as we never called it, was on the CB3/SLA docket a few times... but nothing ever happened with the space, which became, at times, a makeshift shelter and a canvas.

In fact, it is almost one year to the date since we last saw the gates open... Until this afternoon. A reader walked by a bit ago and was surprised to find the gates up and the lights on inside... Perhaps the space is back from the dead? Anyone with details on what's happening here?


Unknown said...

yes, i saw it open a few times this week and asked the manager today. he said will open in about 2 weeks, will have sidewalk seating on 5th st, and admitted to having lots of issues up till now (why they havent opened yet). italian food (if you couldnt guess from the name). which we totally need more of.

Anonymous said...

I live in this building, and saw the workers this past weekend. They said 2 weeks to open.