Sunday, December 16, 2012

SantaCon 2012: 'I'm going to fuck your shit up bro!'

On East 29th Street... via Gothamist.


Shawn G. Chittle said...

Was he wiping his fingerprints off that cab? What the hell was he doing?

Anonymous said...

I believe he was rubbing a bloody rag on the cab after the cab refused to take him.

At the end of the video you kinda see smears on the hood.

Glenn said...

What a vile person. I hope he bled to death.

Anonymous said...

I hate all of these people.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this right outside Bellevue ?

Anonymous said...

Was that Elvis with the bleeding Santa???

glamma said...

some idiot santa thought my car was a cab and tried to get in it (it kind of looks like a gypsy cab). I locked my doors and stared him down saying "I'M NOT A CAB, A$$HOLE" (clearly). he then POUNDED on my window giving me the finger and PUNCHED the hood of my car.
You have no idea how my strength it took for me not to run his red a$$ over.
I drove away screaming "GO F*CK YOURSELF YOU P*SSY MOTHERF*CKER!!!!!!!"

zen said...

And they near traumatized my kid too:

Since the only way to ban a meme is to morph it....

My 4-year-old son Christopher Zen and I are hosting a "Happy Birthday Jesus" X-Mas party Sunday, Dec. 23 1 pm
La Plaza Cultural community garden
SW corner of Avenue C and East 9th Street

It is totally a non-denominational (or multi-denominational?) affair that has more to do with the fact that you can actually buy "Happy Birthday Jesus" party hats (i.e. the cone ones with elastic strap).
So we will don party hats and have a sheet cake with candles and pizza and candy canes and mulled cider on the Crucible cauldrons and any other food or drink that folks would like to share.

(Frankinscence and Myrr anyone? big brownie points for that! )

Fire and Hoops and Musical Instruments very welcome!

Warning: No SantaCons allowed!! only nice jolly Santas and elves who do not puke on yr shoes

You may also bring a gift of donation for the homeless.

Very kid friendly, I even ordered chocolate coins and parashoot elf party favor things so if yr in town, swing by!

should be there till bout 4 pm, weather depending