Thursday, December 27, 2012

These East Village bars will be open all night on New Year's Eve

[Outside gem on St. Mark's Place]

The New York State Liquor Authority has posted its approved 2012-2013 "New Year's All Night Permits," extensions that allow for licensed venues to serve past the usual 4 a.m. last call.

Here is the list of East Village bars/restaurants... (and there a few on the Lower East Side... I just didn't list every one here...)

• Duck's Eatery, 351 E. 12th St.

• Double Down Saloon, 14 Avenue A

• Keybar, 432 E. 13th St.

• Motor City Bar, 127 Ludlow

• Bowery Diner, 241 Bowery

• Esperanto, 145 Avenue C

• The Cock, 29 Second Ave.

• Black & White, 86 E. 10th St.

• Kings Head Tavern, 222 E. 14th St.

• Niagara, 112 Avenue A

• The Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery

• Vazac's, 108 Avenue B

• Coal Yard, 102 First Ave.

• The International, 120 1/2 First Ave.

• Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St.

• Mug Cafe, 446 E. 13th St.

• Karma, 51 First Ave.

• B Side, 204 Avenue B

The complete New York State list is here.


Anonymous said...

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glamma said...

I'm atually a fan of most of these places. Well done, EV.

Gojira said...

And now all bars to boycott in the future, I'd say.

MySoCalledLiver said...

I also see B-Side on the list, another good bar.

EV Grieve said...

@ MySoCalledLiver

Dang. Missed the B Side on the list ... I added to the post...

Makeout said...

I totally wanted to barf outside of Sophie's. Kidding kidding....

Eden Bee said...

Yay Coal Yard and International!

Anonymous said...

Definitely we should boycott these bars that are staying open late on New Year's Eve. Do they not know that people have work the next day? For shame!

Anonymous said...

It is in bad taste that these bars are staying open late so soon after the Sandy Hook tragedy and when some people still don't have homes after Hurricane Sandy.

/Puts ticket with comment back into hopper

Glenn Belverio said...

Who cares? You can either go out and drink or stay home. Good for the bars and bartenders making extra money. Why does this require a meeting of the tongue-clucking Harper Valley PTA?

Anonymous said...

Too bad NYC doesn't have clubs anymore. Staying in a bar all night is not the same as wandering a club and coming out squinting into the daylight.

Anonymous said...

I agree they should not be allowed to be open so late. Even 4 am is ridiculous. Bars in some states close at 1 am.

Anonymous said...

For those of you experiencing a mild uproar, please note that most bars used to get extended licenses on NYE--this is nothing new. And they need to since January-March they make almost no money in business so the NYE revenue carries them through those slow months. Also, most of the places on the list cater to locals and have existed for a decade or more. The extended hours usually appeal to the service industry who gets off at 4 a.m.--if you go to any of these bars at 6 a.m., you will see that the clientele is local bartenders, musicians, and waiters--not frat boys who usually don't last past 2 a.m. By all means, boycott the bars on this list--and then lament and cry when a 7-11 or upscale cocktail bar opens in their place. This is how they stay open. This is what keeps the neighborhood ours. If you want fewer frat boys in the neighborhood, talk to NYU and Bloomberg about skyrocketing rents that make it affordable for only one class to dwell in the area. Not the bars that have been there for ages. Vasacs? You people are talking about boycotting Vasacs? You will be the first to cry shame if they ever have to close due to lack of finances. I mean, I wish they had a better Jukebox, but they are a neighborhood institution as are many of the bars on the list!

Anonymous said...

What glamma and glen said! Some of us natives enjoy the nightlife in our neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Suburbs are quiet. Putting that out there, post baby boomer transplants who have a whole lot of time on their hands.