Friday, December 21, 2012

Reader questions: Is Cafe 81 still open on East Seventh Street?

Over on Seventh Street near First Avenue, Cafe 81 hasn't apparently been open lately, according to a reader who's curious about the space... One Yelper claims that they've been closed since Sandy. They do have a recent history of closing for short periods of time, then reopening.

Anyway, we haven't heard anything ... have you? (We called, and there isn't any answer...)

As you may know, Cafe 81 used to be the lovely and amazing Verchovyna Tavern aka George's Bar aka Bar 81. They closed Jan. 1, 2005. Jeremiah paid tribute to it several years ago...

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pinhead said...

For years I didn't even know the place had a name. It was just "the bar," as in "let's go to the bar and shoot some pool."