Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seventh Street parking lot destined to become 6-floor apartment building

[September 2012]

There are plans in place to build a six-floor, six-unit apartment building here on East Seventh Street just west of Avenue D. We noted that this parcel was for sale (asking: $1.95 million) back in February 2011.

As the original Massey Knakal listing (PDF) noted: "The site is located on a desirable East Village block, where condominiums a few buildings down at the Flowerbox Building have sold as high as $9,200,000 or $1,380/SF."

The DOB hasn't approved the plans just yet. (The DOB disapproved the first round back on Nov. 7, per city documents.) Paperwork points to South Fork Partners LLC as the owners; Eisner Design as the architect of record.

This space is adjacent to the new Lower Eastside Girls Club HQ and Aramark 101 apartment complex. And it's one of the few small parcels of undeveloped land left in the East Village.

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The next sliver of space for development: The parking lot at 277 Seventh St.


Bob L. said...

If memory serves, in Josh Pais' documentary 7th Street this lot served as super-long-time resident Manny's recycling center.

Goggla said...

Not really related, but does anyone know what happened to the crazy statue on this block? It was on the north side and was of a man holding a dead seer or something like that...loved it, but haven't seen it since Sandy.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

Bob L. nailed it.