Friday, December 7, 2012

Your chance to live in the former chapel at the Christodora House

Here's the new listing for #5A at the Christodora House over on Avenue B:

First time available, ever! The original chapel space of the historical Christodora House Condominium. This luxurious, newly gut renovated loft-like one bedroom offers incredible midtown skyline views from it's exclusive terrace of almost 800 square feet in size. Details include wide plank flooring, woodburning fireplace, built-in high end and prewired sound/media system ... All this has turned this incredible space into a one of a kind property. The sense of space is it broadened with its 10'+ ceiling height, equal height french doors and oversized windows.

And the asking price is $1.795 million. Sadly, no photos of the unit. Consolation prize: Floor plan!

Don't recall ever seeing archival photos of the chapel. We've seen these interior photos of the Christodora from 1929. Like the "music auditorium" ...

... the "Christadora medical clinic"

... "fireplace in lounge"

... "Miss Kupkey's bedroom, D-4"

... a "general view of the dining room"

... and the fabled Christodora House pool!

But no chapel.

Per Streeteasy, there was a transaction on this unit back in January for $700,000... we didn't dig through the paperwork.. Maybe later.

So those new gut renovations added $1 million to the unit? (The DOB permits for the space estimate the cost of work at $65,000.) Anyway, there's probably a "going to the chapel" joke here somewhere.

[Photos by Samuel H. Gottscho All photos from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York.]


Gojira said...

After a while, I lost count of all the typos and grammatical errors in that one breathless little paragraph.

Hey19 said...

very cool pics, do you know what instagram filter that is?

but seriously, very cool, so silver, and eerily staged.

Anonymous said...

I might have an old picture of the dining room patrons around here somewhere... Ah! Here it is:

Anonymous said...

That's a little ... expensive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are milking it- 700K plus 65K in repairs= 1.795 million?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10:53 AM -- Your photo made my day! haha
I live around the corner from Christodora and have always thought it be a creepy, haunted looking place.

Anonymous said...

DOB construction price estimates have no requirement to be remotely accurate. The kitchen alone probably has 20k in appliances for example.