Monday, February 6, 2017

Tsukimi bringing sushi to 10th Street

Sushi is coming to the small, subterranean space at 228 E. 10th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Applicants for Tsukimi are on this month's CB3-SLA agenda for a beer-wine license. (The meeting is tonight, though this item won't be heard in front of the committee.)

According to the questionnaire (PDF here) on the CB3 website, Tsukimi will be open from 6 p.m. to midnight Tuesday through Sunday. The space will have four tables seating eight people plus a 10-seat sushi bar.

The application shows the Tsukimi Kaiseki Menu (9 courses) at $85 per person.

The applicants also run SakaMai, which opened in 2012 on Ludlow Street.

No. 228 was home until last September to Dieci, which closed after 10 years in service.


Anonymous said...

I'll pass on the $85 per person sushi, and get sacked on sake. Happy hour everyday until 7:30! Weehoo. We'll easily make it down those steps in flats, but probably wont get back up after HH. But who cares. Maybe they should turn this into a sake airbnb!

Anonymous said...

And the sushi dilemma lives on. Either too fancy or too budget.. not much in the middle except Takahachi, which still is pricey if you have a decent appetite..