Monday, October 10, 2016

Dieci closes on 10th Street

Dieci closed at the end of September on East 10th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue. EVG regular Blueglass notes that the space has been cleaned out.

The owners took to Facebook to post a brief goodbye message: "Unfortunately Dieci has closed its business. We hope to open again in the near future. Thank you for your patronage and we will keep you updated."

The owner and chef here are Japanese, but they served Italian fare that critics found interesting.

Dieci opened in this small, subterranean space in 2006.


Michael Ivan said...

Nooooo!! I never went, but would always stop and see their menu outside, salivate over the interesting ingredient combinations, and walk away thinking maybe for a special occasion, as it was a bit pricey for a casual drop in. That never happened : / --- its a real shame these resto's can't stay open that want to. They are not trying to strike it dirty rich just live a personal dream and ambition. Rip, hope they boomerang back or find future successes.

Dan R. said...

Oh nooooo! This place was awesome for date night with the wife. Their spicy ramen lamb bolognese was fantastic.

Sad to see another good restaurant go

Christopher Pelham said...

It was delicious! They made the Italian and Japanese traditions blend very naturally.

Anonymous said...

that's unfortunate. dieci was definitely one of the best in the EV! it was a good alternative to basta pasta who is also rumored to shutter

Anonymous said...

Dieci you will be missed... :(

Anonymous said...

This is truly bad news and unexpected. Food, ambiance and service were all spot on. No other restaurant in NYC felt more welcoming and at the same time served such an amazing combination of Italian and Japanese with such unique ingredients. I went to Dieci for 5 years and I used to live on that block. I no longer live in NYC but every time I visit, I go to Dieci. It will be missed for sure.